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Ketkrókur Talks Crossfit, Steals Meat In Laugardalur

Ketkrókur Talks Crossfit, Steals Meat In Laugardalur


Published December 23, 2017

Residents of Reykjavík’s Laugardalur neighbourhood were left rolling their eyes after one grating encounter after another with an obnoxious man who would not stop talking about his love of meat.

“He would just not shut up about his paleo diet. It was all grass-fed beef this and bacon that,” explained Birkir. “I’m vegan, but I wish I had had some meat on me just to get Ketkrókur to stop talking.”

Birkir’s wife, Hannah, added “I just knew what was coming next, but I still wanted to scream when he started jabbering on about crossfit. What the hell is a WOD? I was so relieved when he brandished that big hook of his and headed off to the neighbourhood butcher shop.”

Cartoonist Halldór Baldursson spotted the meat-loving Yule Lad doing burpies on the sidewalk outside his home and whipped up a quick sketch, which has since been turned into a fun collectible figurine from the fine folks at Icemart. Pick up figurines of Ketkrókur and his mischievous brothers to inject some Icelandic holiday cheer into your home.


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