From Iceland — Copycat Left-Over Thief Identified As Pottaskefill

Copycat Left-Over Thief Identified As Pottaskefill

Copycat Left-Over Thief Identified As Pottaskefill


Published December 16, 2017

There appears to be a copycat mischief-maker plundering for scraps and leftovers in the kitchens of Reykjavík, as several residents of the Hlíðarneighbourhood woke this morning to find their pots scraped and licked clean.

One homeowner even found the intruder in the act, telling the Grapevine that a man bearing a striking resemblance to Pottaskefill was really going to town on her chilli-coated cookware when she walked into the kitchen. “I must have startled him, because next thing I know, he’s got his whole head stuck in the pot and is scrambling to climb back out the kitchen window,” Gerður told us. “It was more an annoyance than anything. The idiot stole my favourite pot.”

Earlier this week a short-statured assailant was seen licking clean the filthy pans of Vesturbær. The two Yule Lads are rumoured to be wayward siblings.

Artist and man with a knack for being in the right place at the right time, Halldór Baldursson, was strolling through Klambratún when the be-potted man stumbled by. His sketch of Pottaskefill has been immortalized as a collectible figurine by the good folks at Icemart.


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