From Iceland — Yule Lad Cleans Pots, Breaks Hearts In Vesturbær

Yule Lad Cleans Pots, Breaks Hearts In Vesturbær

Yule Lad Cleans Pots, Breaks Hearts In Vesturbær


Published December 14, 2017

The wave of mischief that has erupted in Reykjavík this week continued this morning, with reports of Vesturbær residents awaking to find the pots and pans they couldn’t be bothered to wash the night before laid out on their kitchen counters sparkling clean.

“It feels like a bit of a violation to know somebody was here in my kitchen while we were sleeping just down the hall,” area resident Helga told the Grapevine. “But I had burned a lasagna last night and was honestly considering just throwing the pan in the bin rather than dealing with that mess, so I’m actually relieved Stúfur dropped by our apartment this year.”

Others weren’t as grateful for the short statured Yule Lad’s visit. Framnesvegur resident Hannes laments the loss of his leftovers, saying “I know I forgot to put that pasta in the fridge, but when I wandered into the kitchen in the middle of the night and saw that fat little Yule Lad licking the last of my Bolognese from the pot, well it broke my heart.

“To top it off, he left a potato in my shoe. I mean, come on.”

Artist and early morning power-walker Halldór Baldurson spotted Stúfur speeding off in red sports car and whipped up a sketch, which the good folks of Icemart have already turned into a fun collectible figurine to add some festive spirit to your home.


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