From Iceland — Giljagaur Goes On Foam Frenzy In Reykjavík Cafés

Giljagaur Goes On Foam Frenzy In Reykjavík Cafés

Giljagaur Goes On Foam Frenzy In Reykjavík Cafés


Published December 13, 2017

Café goers in 101 Reykjavík were mildly perturbed this morning by a rowdy patron harassing baristas for excessive amounts of foam atop his caffeinated beverages.

The Grapevine’s own caffeine-fuelled staff witnessed the bearded man throughout the morning in a handful of coffee shops, and report that he was ordering cappuccinos with extra foam, only to devour the foam tops and demand more of the white stuff.

As one café patron commented to our reporter on the scene: “What? Oh, I didn’t notice. Do you mind… I’m trying to send this Snapchat. Hæ Sætaaaa!

Local barista, Davið, tells the Grapevine he suspects the cappuccino culprit is none other than Giljagaur, who was pulling the same frothy faux pas last 13 December. “That damned Yule Lad literally cleaned out our milk supply that morning. The latte crowd was not happy.”

Known frappó fan and avid doodler Halldór Baldursson witnessed this morning’s foam frenzy firsthand and captured the scene on paper. His sketch has already been turned into a fun collectible figurine by the good folks at Icemart. Check out all their Yule Lad swag in their Laugavegur shops.


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