From Iceland — Stekkjastaur Wreaks Havoc On Dairy Case

Stekkjastaur Wreaks Havoc On Dairy Case

Stekkjastaur Wreaks Havoc On Dairy Case


Published December 12, 2017

Icelandic media is reporting on a Facebook post from local convenience store cashier Eirikur Einarsson, who took to social media this morning to detail the latest in a string of annual encounters at his workplace.

Eirikur recounts that he was sitting behind his register around 4 a.m., sullenly contemplating his life choices, when he noticed a customer had been lurking by the dairy case for some time.

“So, I went to ask the guy what his deal was,” Eirikur shared with his audience of 233 Facebook friends, “and realise that it’s the same damned Fjalla-Eyvindur looking dude that comes in every year.”

The man proceeded to puncture every carton of milk within reach with his wooden peg leg, rambling incoherently about the superiority of sheep’s milk and demanding to know where Eirikur kept his ewes.

“That Stekkjastaur pulls this stunt every December 12th,” Eirikur tells the Grapevine. “We’d call the cops, but he always stuffs remarkably thoughtful gifts into our shoes before he leaves, so we let it slide.”

Local artist Halldór Baldursson happened to be perusing the produce aisle at the time of the altercation and drafted a quick sketch of the Yule Lad, which has already been turned into a series of fun collectable figurines and other yuletide swag by the good folks at Icewear.


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