From Iceland — Minus 15°C In Iceland Over Next 24 Hours

Minus 15°C In Iceland Over Next 24 Hours

Minus 15°C In Iceland Over Next 24 Hours

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Published November 27, 2017

It is going to be terribly, miserably cold tomorrow no matter where you are in Iceland tomorrow, so you best be sure you are dressed for it.

The forecast for tomorrow is the very definition of what Icelanders refer to as “window weather”. By that we mean it will be mostly sunny with light winds, making it pretty to look at, but temperatures will also be well below zero, making it horrible to be outside in without the right clothing.

While in the greater Reykjavík area it will be a barely tolerable -5°C, this is about the warmest it will be anywhere. Temperatures will be considerably lower all over the coastal areas, and will reach double digits below zero further inland. In fact, MBL reports it will plunge down to -15°C in Húsafell tonight.

Just reading that forecast probably made you stiffen and pull on a sweater, but if you have gear from 66° North, it will be no problem. Whether you employ their gloves, hats, polar fleece or down-filled coats, 66° North has made a science and art out of being able to brave the elements in both comfort and style.

Don’t be one of those chumps who layer themselves in mismatched, poorly fitting clothing in order stay warm. Do like the Icelanders and get yourself some 66° North, and laugh in the face of bone-chilling frost.

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