From Iceland — Electro Scandi-Pop Princess Hildur: Iceland’s Catchiest Rising Star

Electro Scandi-Pop Princess Hildur: Iceland’s Catchiest Rising Star

Electro Scandi-Pop Princess Hildur: Iceland’s Catchiest Rising Star

Elías Þórsson
Photo by
Saga Sig

Published July 26, 2017

Spanning influences that include Portishead, Björk, Grimes, Rihanna and Kanye West, Hildur is an Icelandic musician who makes what can best described as quality electro scandi-pop.

Mixing elements of traditional pop music with synthesisers, she has created a sound that is both unique and incredibly catchy–sometimes too much so, some of her tracks are the definition of ‘ear-worm’, and you will find yourself humming them for days. But what most stands out in Hildur’s music are the vocals. Her voice is powerful, dynamic and full of energy, and despite only starting her solo project last year, Hildur has quickly established herself as one of the country’s best and brightest pop musicians.

The heartfelt first hit
This year Hildur released her first solo EP entitled “Heart to Heart” on the record label Alda. The album includes the 2016 song ‘I’ll walk with you’, which took off almost immediately and overnight she was soaring at top of the charts. At this year’s Icelandic Music Awards it was awarded the title of the best Icelandic pop song.

The other songs on the album run the gamut of ‘Full of you’, a softly song track not without a hint of romantic antics. To Bumpy road, which is a fast paced upbeat number with Hildur pushing her vocals out to the fore.’Run with my heart’, has an almost Beyonce feel to it, with elements of trip hop influences, while ‘Would you change’ is the very definition of in vogue with the slowed down chopped up backing vocals driving the song forwards. The last track could be described as the very definition of a last song: ‘Water’ is a dramatic coup de grâce to the album. It is song that reaches for the heavens and seemingly effortlessly gets there.

Classical music and ambient pop
Born Hildur Kristín Stefánsdóttir, she started studying the cello at age of 6 and for 8 years this was her musical trajectory. At 15 she started the band Parents, but her musical career started in earnest with the ambient pop band Rökkurró in 2006. She founded the band with a couple of her friends from school and for nine years they toured across Europe and made three albums along the way– “Það Kólnar í Kvöld” in 2007, 2010’s “Í Annan Heim “ and “Innra” in 2014.

She has also performed with various acts such as Sunday, Cell7, Ólafur Arnalds and For a Minor Reflection.

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