From Iceland — A Wild Ride: Views From A Snowmobile

A Wild Ride: Views From A Snowmobile

A Wild Ride: Views From A Snowmobile

Joanna Smith
Photo by
Art Bicnick

Published March 10, 2017

Zooming, whooshing, flying through the powdery, pillowy snow and gazing out onto the arctic white desert: nothing says Icelandic adventure like hurtling over a glacier on a snowmobile. Holding down the throttle and feeling that rumble of the engine beneath you, you’ll be hooked and you’ll need that adrenaline, just to keep you warm. This is Icelandic wilderness at its most harsh and glorious, and this is one of the most exciting ways to see it.
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Entering the glacier–we must let air out of the tyres for extra grip!

…someone get us a road map…

Finally – Langjökull.

Base camp.

Go right or left, or…both?

Neon orange is not effective camouflage
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Don’t forget your cameras–the landscape is beautiful

Ready and raring to go!

Hold on tight!

…and try not to fall behind

Snowmobiling is one of the coolest modes of transport. Fact.

Clear skies and glittering snow. Perfection.

Don’t drive too close, or you’ll get a face full of powder!
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Downhill is the most fun.

Yellow isn’t good camouflage either…

We’ve reached the ice cave!

A great place for photos…and romantic kisses

Just look at those mountains! An arctic wonderland.

Ok, now he’s just showing off

Now it’s your partner’s turn to hang on tight…

Peace out.

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