From Iceland — QUIZ: What type of Icelandic Beer Should You Try On Beer Day?

QUIZ: What type of Icelandic Beer Should You Try On Beer Day?

QUIZ: What type of Icelandic Beer Should You Try On Beer Day?

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Published February 28, 2017

It’s Beer Day every March 1st here in Iceland. For decades beer was illegal in Iceland. The people in power didn’t trust their citizens to handle the consumption of ale, lager and stout–fearing widespread binge drinking, alcoholism and infidelity. As you have or will see downtown in Reykjavík on the weekend, those fears were completely unfounded.

The selection of beer in Iceland, after legalization, was relatively small, but nowadays there are lots to choose from. Íslenski barinn (Icelandic Bar) is the only bar in the world that sells every available Icelandic beer and they have helped us create a simple quiz that takes the guesswork out of what you should be ordering to celebrate Beer Day.

Give it a try and feel free to share your results!


Here are some of the beers Íslenski barinn has to offer:

Einstök Wee Heavy: Scottish Ale


This Scottish Ale features the flavours of angelica root and smoked icelandic barley. It’s creamy, bitter and, as the name suggests, a “wee” bit heavy.

This is the perfect beer to warm yourself on a stormy night.

Surtur: Imperial Stout


This stout is full-bodied and contains roasted coffee beans, supplied by the coffeehouse Te & Kaffi.

Surtur is named after a Frost Giant in Old Norse mythology. He plays a major role in the the end of the world or Ragnarök. The flames from his sword will eventually engulf the entire world.

Segull 67: Red Lager


This beer is simple and delicious. It gains a wonderful red hue from the malted barley. It’s brewed in the town of Siglufjörður one of the locations where the critically acclaimed television show “Trapped” was filmed.

You might even run into someone from the show.

Gæðingur: Wheat Beer


This Wheat Beer is crisp and refreshing, with bright notes that remind you of a sunny day.

It’s perfect way to forget about winter darkness or celebrate the sun in the summer. This beer pairs very well with a light meal.

Gunnlöð: Mead


A true testament to Iceland’s viking past (imagined or real). This mead, made from wildflower honey, is sweet but deadly.

It’s named after the giantess, Gunnlöð, who was given the task of protecting the mead of poetry. You might fancy yourself a poet after drinking a few bottles.

LAVA: Smoked Imperial Stout


The label features Hekla, the most active volcano in Iceland, which can be seen from the brewery, Ölvisholt Brugghús, in the village of Flóahreppur. This dark, smokey beer feels thick and creamy on the tongue.

At 9.4% alcohol content, this beer is meant to be sip slowly and enjoyed.

Norðan Kaldi: Red Ale


This Red Ale is smooth with a bite. It has a bitter aftertaste that complements the malty first sips.

This is always a safe choice for a person with simple tastes, but can still surprise some of the more discerning palates.


Drop by Íslenski barinn to try one of these great brews:

We hope your Beer Day is filled with cheer and good company. There are many beers to enjoy on this island. Just remember to drink responsibly and NEVER drive after drinking.

ALWAYS plan a safe ride home.


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