From Iceland — Photo Gallery: Whale Watching In Reykjavík

Photo Gallery: Whale Watching In Reykjavík

Photo Gallery: Whale Watching In Reykjavík

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Published August 30, 2016

A Whale Of A Tale

“I just want to see one,” said the little boy while clutching his mother’s pant leg and walking along the plank onto the boat. From the first moment you are invited on the boat, the excitement builds. That’s the big attraction with Iceland, you see things in a natural setting. This isn’t Disneyland. The guide of our whale watching trip with Reykjavík Sailors starts listing off the safety rules:

“Rule number 1, don’t do anything stupid–actually, that’s the only rule. It all boils down to that. I want to make it back alive and I’m running on the assumption that you guys do too.”

He goes over the layout of the ship, but after that we’re out on the ocean, searching for whales, birds and whatever we can find. Unless you’re a whale biologist or Faroese whale hunter, it’s not very often you can see a whale breach and hear its lungs blast water into the cool ocean air. Our photographer managed to capture a little bit of our adventure.

Sailing out into the sea…

…and leaving civilization behind.

First sighting!

Follow the birds, they circle around where the whale will breach

The show begins
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They will dive down again and again

But they do return to the surface

All the whale watching tours work together to give every customer the best experience

Thar she blows!

The cute puffin murdering fish
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The water is cool and clear

Ok, now they’re just showing off

Finish with a big splash

See you later

It’s a short trip back to Reykjavík
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In The Museum

After whale watching, you can get what some people call “whale fever.” To help satiate your new love of these playful sea mammals, visit the Whales of Iceland museum.

It’s an incredibly informative exhibition, alongside live-scale models and multimedia presentations.

You are greeted with a smile on your way in

Though not necessary, you can wear shorts or capris while visiting thanks to central heating

The whales aren’t actually flying. They’re held up on cables to simulate swimming.

Remember: you might regret your haircut, but you’ll never regret a trip to the Whales of Iceland museum
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