From Iceland — PHOTOS: Looking For The Secrets Of The Fjords

PHOTOS: Looking For The Secrets Of The Fjords

PHOTOS: Looking For The Secrets Of The Fjords

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Published August 22, 2016

Join us and Bustravel Iceland on a photographic journey inside a cave and on a tour around two beautiful fjords. We’ll top the trip off with waterfalls and horses.

It doesn’t get much better than this.

Cave Viðgelmir

You might have seen photos of Icelandic lava fields with moss stretching out across the horizon and cool, hard congealed lava underneath. There’s more to the lava than meets the eye.
What you are about to see is largest lava tube in Iceland. A lava tube is a long cave or tube made from a volcanic eruption.

The views on the road to the caves are worth the trip

Here it is! Let us delve deep into the tunnel of Viðgelmir

Following the pioneers’ footsteps. People have been venturing into caves in Iceland for hundreds of years

Here you find the cave’s signature walkway

Gently illuminated, the lighted walkway (alongside with the guide) shows you the cave

It’s quite cold this far underground


Here we are in a valley with small old trees. It’s an Icelandic version of a forest. Cold temperatures and short growing seasons in Iceland keep the trees from growing too large. Húsafell has offered service to travellers for a long time. It has its own pool, golf courses and even a hydropower plant.

It doesn’t matter if you’re above ground or below the view is always extraordinary…

We pay a visit to the local farm with adjacent graveyard
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And its own small church

As well as these unique stone face sculptures

Hraunfossar waterfall

Frankly, it’s not just one waterfall. It’s a series of streams flowing underground, between layers of rocks and lava. Even its name comes from Icelandic “hraun” which means lava.

“Waterfall of the children”

And its target – the Hvítá river


Welcome to the highest volume hot spring in Europe! A 180 litres of water boils every minute here.
The vegetables you will see on sale come from greenhouses powered by geothermal energy.

Steaming fields and rivers all around

In case you get hungry, try a tomato grown from geothermal energy


The next stops are places around the fjord and on the road leading to it. Icelandic name translates to “whale-fjord”, most likely because whales could be spotted there in the old days. But who knows, maybe we’ll spot one.

On the nearby slopes, lots of berries grow
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Beneath a mountain, float two old abandoned whaling boats

Stop and pet the horses

Last look at the fjord, as we depart for home
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