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Come Jump In A Volcano In Iceland

Come Jump In A Volcano In Iceland

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Published July 5, 2016

Why don’t you go jump in a volcano? That sounds more like an insult than an invitation. But believe us, it’s worth it. In this case you don’t exactly jump, but are slowly lowered into the bowels of a, hopefully, inactive volcano. With each metre down, your inner geology nerd awakens, until words like “igneous” start showing up in every conversion. The photos of you in spelunking gear are social media gold, but photos alone can’t do the experience justice.

Here’s our best try:

Þríhnúkargígur (Three Peak Crater) covered in a mysterious fog

Every journey begins with the first step…

From the light above, you descend downwards accompanied by the sparkling rain

The vast volcanic caves are up to 120 meters high

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The lift moves at a speed 1.2 km/h, so the ride down takes 6 minutes

Gain a different perspective on mother earth

Large reflectors mounted on ground illuminate the previous dark cave…

…displaying surprisingly intense colours

You don’t even need a tripod to shoot great pics!

This chamber is over 4.000 years old

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Time to return to life on the surface

The steady ascent pulls you towards the light

It’s hard not to feel reborn or changed from such an experience

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