From Iceland — TAKE THIS QUIZ: Which Icelandic Hamburger Is Right For You?

TAKE THIS QUIZ: Which Icelandic Hamburger Is Right For You?

TAKE THIS QUIZ: Which Icelandic Hamburger Is Right For You?


Published June 14, 2016

Everyone loves choices. There’s nothing like scanning a menu when you’re hungry and fantasizing about each delicious option. Then terror strikes: what do you choose? Which meal is the perfect meal for you?

At no place in Reykjavík does this happen more often than at Fabrikkan, The Icelandic Hamburger Factory. We always have trouble choosing which burger fits our needs at any given time. Luckily, using the scientific method, modern psychology and old Icelandic rune magic, we have created a short quiz that narrows your choices down for you–taking out the guess work. This quiz is the result of hours of burger consumption.

You’re welcome.

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What Burgers Are Available?

Great Question!

Here’s a breakdown:

Fabrikkuborgari Brioche


It’s a classic all-dressed burger with Factory sauce. The original square. It’s simple and small enough that we ordered a shake with it. Now if only we had roller skates.

Lamborgarinn Brioche


Chef’s from all around the world rave about the unique quality of Icelandic lamb. You should find out why. This burger is like a family dinner condensed into an edible cube with Béarnaise sauce. No Icelandic dinner is complete without Béarnaise sauce.

Herra Rokk Brioche

No. 03 “MR. ROCK”

This is not named after someone’s childhood pet rock. It’s the nick name of the Icelandic rock & roll legend Rúnni Júl. Which makes sense because this burger…we won’t say it. What we will say is this is basically a french breakfast packed into a fresh brioche bun with a burger tossed in for good measure. Très bien!

Aríba Salsason Brioche


Ok, this burger: salsa, sour cream, guacamole, nacho chips…once you choose it, you are still left with more options. We like to replace the beef patty for a chicken breast and substitute the bun for a lettuce wrap. Try your own combination. This burger works with everything.

Barbíkjú Brioche

No. 05 “THE BBQ”

This is comfort food personified. It’s sweet. It’s savoury. You’ll probably get a little sticky. But don’t worry, you’ll be smiling when you’re done.

Lamba Prime Brioche


Ok, party time! This is the type of burger you want to eat standing up. Don’t though. You’ll look weird. We found out the hard way. Just sit down and enjoy this Icelandic variation on the classic steak sandwich.

Sörf&Törf Brioche

No. 07 “SURF & TURF”

Can burgers be fancy? The answer is yes. You don’t need to show up wearing a tuxedo or an evening gown, but you can. However, sporting a monocle is taking things a bit far.

Morthens Brioche


This is Fabrikkan’s best seller. We understand why. It’s rich, creamy and satisfying. We had it with the classic sesame seed bun. But you do you.

Neyðarlínan Brioche

No. 09 “RESCUE (112)”

There are not many spicy food options in Iceland, so for heat junkies this is a welcome option. It’s not too hot, so don’t worry. We switched the beef for chicken, but it’s complex flavours would suit either. Get a shot of endorphins with this heat treat.

Ungfrú Reykjavík Brioche


Don’t let the name fool you. This is a complex burger: mesquite glazed chicken, sundried tomatoes and mango-yogurt sauce? It’s the type of burger you would come home from a trip around the world and serve your friends. We had it with a side-salad and spelt bun. It’s a burger so good, you want to make yourself better.

Forsetinn Brioche


The President in Iceland is Iceland’s representative to the world, the face of Iceland. This burger is no exception. It has a unique flavour profile compared to the other burgers. It uses Italian parma ham instead of bacon, Brie cheese and Dijon mustard. It’s basically what would happen to the “CHEESE BURGER” if it spent it’s time going to conferences around the globe.

Húsdýragarðurinn Brioche


Icelanders have a dark sense of humour, which makes sense if you think about the original conditions of the first inhabitants. You’re on a desolate rock in the North Atlantic with boiling hot water bursting out of the ground and the occasional volcanic eruption. This burger would have been over-whelming for the early settlers. It has beef and lamb and bacon and an egg on top. That’s 4 different animals. Calling it an “Animal Park”–now that’s funny. You better be hungry if you order this.

Trukkurinn Brioche


This is a great late-lunch, skipped-breakfast burger. It uses a  beef patty and a grilled portobello mushroom. We had this with coleslaw. The egg on top really suits this burger. Order this with a cup of coffee and hit the road.

Stóri Bó Brioche

No. 14 “THE BIG BO”

Named after a legendary singer, Bo Hall. This burger gives a nice sweet heat kick. Honey-Mustard sauce and spicy Havarti cheese make it comforting and exciting. Kind of like skydiving with a loved one.

Sigurjón Digri Brioche


This burger is so rich, sweet and creamy that it’s automatically served with coleslaw. We had this with a nice cold beer. There’s just something about Pale Ale and caramelized onions. Delicious.

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