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European Champions

Published August 17, 2009

European Champions

The only negative thing to say about this book and these series of Tove Janssons’s comic strips is that they make you jealous. Jealous of the fact that they are so clever and beautiful and classic and to imitate them would be pathetic and to match them would be very hard and to top them would be impossible.  As far as whimsical goes, the Moomins are the European Champions.
There are probably very few people that won’t fall for the Moomins, the only ones that come to mind are shiny spray-tanned beefcake people with tribal tattoos… who are also adorable like the Moomins and should definitely never physically attack girls. Especially not comic-reviewing girls.
A complete stranger: Do you think there are any shiny orange beefcakes with tribal tattoos that would actually read this review?
Comic reviewing nerd girl: When I think about it. No, not really.
ACS: So why mention it?
CRNG: Well, to explain how fabulous this book is and to emphasize that most people would like it.
ACS: Oh, I see. Sorry. Go on.
There isn’t much more to say really. Except maybe, if you decide to buy one (which you won’t because if you’ll get one you will also get the other three), make sure to get one for your friend. It will make them happy and it has been said that making others happy is supposed to make you feel good about yourself. Something like that.

  • Publisher: D&Q 2008
  • Author: Tove Jansson
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