From Iceland — Grapevine Picks: Latin Jazz, French Cinema, Military Ruins and Art From Undies

Grapevine Picks: Latin Jazz, French Cinema, Military Ruins and Art From Undies

Published February 18, 2022

Grapevine Picks: Latin Jazz, French Cinema, Military Ruins and Art From Undies
Photo by
Jón Mýrdal

Here’s our weekly set of incentives to pull on a parka and leave the house. Yes it’s icy underfoot, but with the recent relaxing of pandemic restrictions at least you can now limp to a bar to watch a band following your nasty slip. And alcohol numbs all sorts of pain, we hear. Be careful out there…

Los Bomboneros

  • Saturday February 19th at 20:00
  • Skuggabaldur
  • More information here

As far as we’re concerned, the only way to survive these cold, dark February days is to bundle up, get to a bar and bear witness to some electrifying live music. Los Bomboneros, with their Central and South American-inspired songs (composed by band member Daníel Helgason), are the perfect antidote to your Boreal blues.

The quartet perform on trombone, bass, violin, percussion, vocals and tres Cubano to bring a welcome equatorial warmth to the harsh Icelandic winter. With an album expected in the coming months, this is the perfect time to check out Los Bomboneros and get to know their sound, all in the cosy confines of Skuggabaldur. JG


  • Until May 1st
  • The National Museum of Iceland
  • More information here

During the cold war the U.S. military operated a radar station at Straumnesfjall, a remote coastal location in the Westfjords. After the Americans left, the area was eventually cleaned up and left to regrow. Local photographer Marínó Thorlacius reflects the beauty of nature, captured among the residue of the abandoned military installation. JP


  • Until March 1st
  • NORR11
  • More information here

Nylon tights are the primary medium and means of production in this exhibit by The Icelandic Love Corporation. The exhibition takes its title—which means “resilient”—from a particular piece which comprises stones placed in the feet of the aforementioned hosiery. Tights are also used to create interesting oil paint prints. JP

French Film Festival

  • February 18th to 27th
  • Bíó Paradís
  • More information here

The 22nd French Film Festival, kicking off this Friday at Bíó Paradís, will screen some of the best movies produced by the French film scene in recent years. The festival brings together 11 films, including the dark comedy ‘Adieu Les Cons’ (‘Bye Bye Morons’). All films will be screened in French with Icelandic or English subtitles. IZ

We’ve been having some awful weather here lately, so we’re grateful for our comfy traditional lopapeysa sweaters—the beautiful woolen garments that have been keeping Icelanders warm for generations. They’re available in our shop, and ours are hand-knitted right here in Iceland.

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