Published July 20, 2011


Future Shorts ONE has come to Reykjavík and wants to kick up a storm in the world of performance, art, cinema and nights out with the people of this city. It aims to be a monthly film event with a difference. Read on to learn more.

Future Shorts has for the past eight years strived to build a new audience for film across the globe, developing a growing platform for makers of short film that would allows millions of people worldwide to experience and engage with their work. The aim is to bring short film to the masses, developing its full commercial potential.

Future Shorts has grown to be the largest worldwide short films network building the biggest independent community—both online with social networks and at live events such as the acclaimed ‘Secret Cinema’ productions in the UK. It is a ‘living’ cinema, one that survives by the beat of the audience, following completely in the belief in the social element of film as an experience and communicator unrestricted by geography, status or wealth.

Future Shorts has now gone on to create ONE, a monthly global film festival, a film event that takes place simultaneously in an international network of over fifty cities, screening the same monthly collection of short films. The films are selected on a global scale, alongside live music, performance, design and much more—creating an immersive environment; a celebration of creativity, culture and community.

With these events, ONE upholds the belief that anyone, anywhere should have the opportunity to watch these short films, previously only seen by an elite few at film festivals. The aim is to tear these boundaries to shreds and make good quality shorts to an entire global network.

WTF is a ‘Future Shorts ONE Reykjavík’, then?

ONE has been brought to Reykjavík with the aim of creating a local platform for a global communication. Not only is this dialogue meant to serve spectators and voyeurs of short film, but also as a global stage for all of the creative people involved in the nights; actors, musicians, artists, DJs, designers, directors, photographers and filmmakers. A stage on which their work and performances can be shared and seen by the ONE audiences around the world, where they can professionally develop a dialogue with other countries and represent the creative and artistic world of their country.
The idea with each monthly event is to create a bubble, an existing little world formed and created to alter the reality of a space, for instance an airport departure lounge. You could say that an alternate reality is formed. In this world you can find musicians and bands that within this reality may be extraordinarily famous, or they may be homeless buskers on the street, the possibilities are as endless as your imagination.

Essentially the aim of these events in Reykjavík is to heighten the imagination of the spectator to a hyperreality, where they can become an instigator, communicator and actor; a space in which the boundaries of the performer and the audience is blurred to such a level that it is lost entirely…

The next ONE event is taking place on Saturday July 23 at Bar 46, Hverfisgata 46 from 21:00 till late. 1.500 ISK entry fee (drink included).

And in what world will you find yourself?

Our latest ONE will be a collaborative event with the Lindy Ravers of Reykjavík, a 1940s WW2 Britain Summer Ball Blitz. Expect to see people flying around the dance floor, plenty of men in fine uniforms, women with perfect pin curls in their hair, American service men, black market traders, traditional games and play.

Live music by Lily and Blue Boys, interactive performances and music from DJ-Gun.

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