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Published July 29, 2008

Top 5 things Icelandic

The List
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Top 5 things Icelandic

Top 5 Spots In Iceland by Lucas Quesnel Keller

1f3190964f746feLucas is currently working as a chef at La Primavera and trying to finish up a four piece series for a young man who saw his work at Cafe Hljómalind. His friends at Noland and The Reykjavík Skate Shop just got their screen printing studio up and running, so he’s looking forward to doing some cool stuff with them. Noland also has some of his paintings on display, so his advice is for people to go buy some gear and an original LQK painting today. He is an avid skateboarder and got himself a nice long gash up his shin when he was out filming with some friends the other week. His girlfriend  made him sleep on the couch until it healed a bit. Lucas is also open for any special requests for art work and can be contacted at or

Because of the diversity of the people and the laid back vibe. There are so many bitching characters there, Vincent and Jón Þór, for example. And there is this super hot bar tender there, Iris Ann, I believe her name is.

It is just a cool place except for all of the people who take themselves way too seriously, in my opinion.

La Primavera
My work place. Great food, great people and Leifur’s (head chef and co-owner) love and respect for authentic Italian food is beautiful.

One of the first and most beautiful places I have been in Iceland. But to be honest I love all the countryside I have seen here; it is such a dramatic difference from back home.

The forest
Oh wait I must be mixed up, anywhere close to the sea is good place to get away from it all.

Top 5 Icelandic Designers by Anna Clausen

f8e9dfa63247a732Anna Clausen is a Stylist and co-owner of Belleville menswear store on Laugavegur 55 ( She was born in Copenhagen and is half Danish and half Polish.

After finishing her studentereksamen (Entrance examination into University) she moved to London to study Fashion Media Promotion and Fashion Photography & Styling at the London College of Fashion. She started her early career as a stylist working for magazines such as Purple, Dazed & Confused, Nylon, Lodown and Exit magazine. She now runs Belleville with Bjarni Einarsson, and teaches fashion at LHÍ and EMM School of Makeup and works as a stylist on commercials and in collaboration with local talented Icelandic designers on an array of different projects. In addition to the brands named above, Anna also gives a shout out to Hidden Goods, Eygló and STEiNUNN.

Ásta Creative Clothes
Her knitwear and skins have a Gothic twist that I appreciate.

Because it is an original in the Icelandic fashion history.

It’s cyber punk.

I’m so excited to see her shoes!

If Batman were a woman she would wear E-label.

Top 5 Icelandic Albums by Benedikt Freyr Jónsson

d63cb6463a2489bbBenedikt Freyr Jónsson, better known as DJ B-Ruff, is a well-known character in the Icelandic music and nightlife scene. A seasoned turntablist, B-Ruff is a member of hip-hop group Forgotten Lores and also the electro band Bloodgroup. He recently came back home to Iceland from the Roskilde Festival where he and Bloodgroup performed for approximately 5.000 at the Pavillion Junior. They will also perform at the LungA festival as well as the upcoming Grimneste festival in Denmark, followed by a concert in Berlin. Up until recently, Benni could be found working at Skífan during the day and setting dance-floors upside down by night, but he is now focussing on a new job and upcoming projects.

Subteranean – Central Magnetizm
This album marked a turning point in Icelandic hip-hop and paved the way for a lot of what’s happening today. Great beats and enjoyable rapping from Magse, Cell 7 and Charlie D as well as tracks featuring Blackfist and Bounce Brothers.

Emiliana Torrini – Fisherman’s Woman
Fisherman’s Woman was to me the Christmas album for the 2005 holidays, a comfy record that you could put on to relax. Great lyrics and sound. Emiliana Torrini surprised me with this album.

Björk – Vespertine
A little heavy but it’s really impressive how well Björk’s voice mingles with Valgeir Sigurðsson’s instrumentals. My favourite Björk album.

Skúli Sverris – Sería
A fun, relaxing album that I listen to now and again.

Einar Scheving – Cycles
I haven’t completely made up my mind about this album but it still springs to mind. A really well made album worth a second look.

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