From Iceland — If God Were a Poet, He Would Have Created This World

If God Were a Poet, He Would Have Created This World

Published April 8, 2005

If God Were a Poet, He Would Have Created This World

Walking between the massive mountains of concrete in the dark, spotting small colourful glass creatures between them, looking as if they were crawling slower than snails towards the tunnel of light… Walking, looking, wanting to touch those life forms that captured manna through the starlights nested in the ceiling. It must have been the first sunny day for weeks and I got blinded for a second as I entered into the bright white light. Strange creatures followed, I was in a world of adventure, a make-believe world. I easily merged into it and I never wanted to get out of it. Mountaintops of perfectly shaped melted glass, I was climbing those mountains in my mind. The green glass shapes in a low box with white sand, the glass had radiant light moving within. I walked slowly in circles around it again and again; depending on how the rays of the sun touched the surface of the glass, they were glowing ghostly light from deep inside. Perhaps this was a reference to a Japanese rock garden or an attempt to create balance and serenity in a world full of chaos.

It might be a classic metaphor, walking through the valley of shadows to the light at the end of the tunnel. However, at Brynhildur’s exhibit, the viewer is led through the darkness, following the creatures– strange and colourful, they make the journey full of pleasant discoveries, as often happens when one wanders into those deep dark corridors of the soul.

Visual World
by Brynhildur Þorgeirsdóttir
at the Reykjavík Art Museum until the 24th of April
Hafnarhusið, Tryggvagatta 17,
101 Reykjavík, Ph# 590-1200

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