From Iceland — Just Sayings: Shock And Rain

Just Sayings: Shock And Rain

Just Sayings: Shock And Rain

Published April 13, 2022

Valur Grettisson
Photo by
Screenshot/Four Weddings And a Funeral

Do you remember that scene in, well, every movie, when there is a funeral and it’s pouring rain? Well, Icelanders have a saying for that. „Oft kemur regn eftir reiðarsalag“ translates literally to “there is often rain after a shock/tragedy.”

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It seems that Icelanders noticed that the sky got darker and there was rain after a tragedy hit, and instead of being dramatic about it, we honed a saying about it.

So, when we look up into the dark sky at the funeral, we can turn to the next person with a slight know-it-all smile on our face, and say; it often rains after when tragedy hits. I mean, if you’re that kind of person. Which you totally aren’t. That’s just how the saying goes, right!

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