From Iceland — Horror-Scopes: New Year, Same Leo

Horror-Scopes: New Year, Same Leo

Published December 28, 2020

Horror-Scopes: New Year, Same Leo
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The Grapevine’s team of amateur astrologists consulted the deepest stars in the galaxy to give you the insights into making 2021 your best year yet. Or rather—your best year of the 2020s so far. Except for Scorpios. The prognosis looks rough there. Eek.


Start drinking. The world demands it.


Don’t marry him/her/them. Your true love is waiting—as the tea leaves tell us—far across the sea and seriously, as Taylor Swift once emphasised, why would you chain yourself to someone with a snotty little family all dressed in pastels who spends her time yelling at a bridesmaid wearing a gown shaped like a pastry? No way! So speak now, mysterious love, or forever hold your peace.


Move out from your parent’s house. You’re almost 30 for Odin’s sake.


Forgive that friend. You know the one. We won’t elaborate, but we foresee an elaborate post-vaccine Lads Holiday in your future and said friend must be apart of it lest tragedy strike. You owe it to the world.


There was one silver lining to the pandemic, dear Leo, and that was a tempering of your larger-than-life ego that was slowly destroying your life in 2019. So take a tip from our oracle and try to remain humble for 2021. We anticipate if you do that, you’ll be the recipient of both good fortune… and a vaccine.


Do you want to be happy? A new hair cut won’t cut it this time. No, it’s gotta be a new tattoo.


Believe in yourself this year, Leo. Just because you’re unprovably pregnant by the ex of your ex doesn’t mean you can’t live your best life. If having a baby allowed Blac Chyna to get her own reality show then just imagine what doors your upcoming bundle-of-joy will open.


We admit it—the amateur astrologists of the Grapevine have been rather hard on Scorpios over the years. We don’t intend to change this in 2021, so resolute to grow a thicker skin or unsubscribe, bby. We don’t need you.


Channel your inner restlessness into a refined hobby like the violin. Why? Well let’s not beat around the bush—everyone knows you for your delicate, well-mannered and hard-working soul, which will naturally allow you to ride the highs and lows of learning a new instrument. Just kidding, they know you for being super emotional and impulsive, but with that spirit, you’ll be playing Saint-Saëns by May. No one believes in themselves like a Sagittarius.


Ain’t nothing wrong with trying to put together a one-man rendition of ‘Hamilton.’ Just kidding. There’s a lot wrong with it. Stick to something more at-your-level like ‘Cats.’ Meow.


We get it. Your roommate is totally insane. And so was your last roommate. And the one before that. Yeah, totally a coincidence! Absolutely no common denominator there! There is absolutely nothing in these situations that could have possibly remained the same over five different apartments! You’re perfect! You’re beautiful! You look like Linda Evangelista!


Rock that upcoming uni degree. Don’t listen to no bitch. You were born to lead.

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