From Iceland — TV Goddess: The Family

TV Goddess: The Family

Published August 16, 2019

TV Goddess: The Family
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Jesus H. Christ! It looks like the conspiracy nutters were right all along. There are mad little illuminati men running around the world ruining everything. Netflix (my go-to source in life) has spawned yet another awesome series.

The nuttiest of countries

‘The Family’ is a docuseries based on the books ‘The Family’ and ‘C Street’ by Jeff Sharlet. They investigate a powerful secret Christian organization based in the United States, the nuttiest of countries. I usually don’t like it when TV shows me reality, but this story is so unbelievably odd that my eyes were immediately glued to the screen. 

Watching the show is like watching a prequel to ‘The Handmaid’s Tale.’ The episodes are a blend of interviews, some news footage and re-enactments. I don’t like re-enactment as a concept because sometimes it ruins perfectly good stories by being badly done and that makes me angry. In ‘The Family,’ it’s well done. The actors are especially good at playing weird Christian fraternity boys. Much to my boyfriend’s delight, I didn’t fall asleep like I usually do when we watch something serious.

People are so hungry for power

The Family is an organization that uses Jesus and brown nosing to climb up the social ladder, and they have managed to climb pretty high over the past 50 years. I don’t understand why people are so hungry for power; it makes me tired just thinking about it. I also don’t understand why American Christians can actually be more boring than other types of Christians.

If the series is factual, these boring men in their beige pants are bouncing around the world, spreading their disgusting, human rights crushing agenda. It’s fascinating how someone can be so evil and so mundane at the same time. I thought the devil would at least wear a cape, but it seems he’s perfectly happy in a badly tailored suit.

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