From Iceland — Perfect Day: Coffee, Quality Company & Cunnilingus With DJ Katla

Perfect Day: Coffee, Quality Company & Cunnilingus With DJ Katla

Published January 2, 2019

Perfect Day: Coffee, Quality Company & Cunnilingus With DJ Katla
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Art Bicnick

Katla Ásgeirsdóttir is an idealist, DJ, time optimist, and general manager of Hf. Kristjánsson. You can spot her big cloud of curly hair through the windows of bars and restaurants across Reykjavík, where’ll you’ll find her spinning a wide variety of records and generally making people’s ears happy and starting the party. Follow her on Instagram, Soundcloud and elsewhere.

First thing in the morning
I wake up at seven to get my son ready for school, remember I have the day off and promptly go back to sleep (in little spoon mode).

Around midday
Around midday big spoon wakes me up with coffee and cunnilingus. We play Bubble Bobble until our eyes get all weird, then nap to restore our eyesight.

Around lunchtime
We wake up again around lunchtime, put on sweatpants, and eat a shawarma sandwich in bed while watching Sherlock Holmes.

In the afternoon
In the afternoon we pick Flóki up from school on a three seat tandem bike and go swimming. It’s sunny and warm outside. Lou Reed’s “Perfect Day” is playing in the steambath.

Around dinnertime
Around dinnertime President Trump shits himself in the literal sense while being broadcast on live TV. What a time to be alive. We pick up some tikka masala at our local Indian restaurant and drink to this wonderful metaphor finally materialising.

In the heat of the night
Kaffibarinn, in high quality company! We have a guilty pleasures DJ battle. All the people I love and adore are there drinking their wine, dancing and having ginger beer. After closing we ride our tandem bikes (‘cause on a perfect day everybody rides tandem) to the nearest ferris wheel for a ride in the midnight sun.

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