From Iceland — Curry, Band Meetings and Midnight Sun: Bjarni Daníel's Perfect Day in Reykjavík

Curry, Band Meetings and Midnight Sun: Bjarni Daníel’s Perfect Day in Reykjavík

Published July 23, 2018

Curry, Band Meetings and Midnight Sun: Bjarni Daníel’s Perfect Day in Reykjavík
Noemi Ehrat
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Timothée Lambrecq
Art Bicnick

Bjarni Daníel is the singer and guitarist of dream punk sweethearts Bagdad Brothers, who just released their second EP, “JÆJA,” via the post-dreifing arts collective. Bagdad Brothers are currently planning a show at Húrra on the 28th of July together with BSÍ and Stirnir. Here’s how he’d spend a perfect day out and about in Reykjavík.

First thing in the morning:
My day doesn’t start until I’ve had a cup of coffee and a cigarette, so I always make sure to get this done before I do anything else. On a perfect day the sun is just coming out as I wake up and it’s just mild enough so that I don’t need to put on a jacket before stepping outside for a smoke. I’m probably listening to a Leonard Cohen or Mannakorn record.

For breakfast:
I feel best when I have a lot of things to do, and it’s even better to do these things with people I enjoy spending time with, such as my friends Sigurpáll, the guitarist and sonic designer of Bagdad Brothers, and Steinunn, the manager and synth player of Bagdad Brothers. When it’s busy, we usually try to get as much stuff done in the morning as possible, and our favourite place to do this is Reykjavík Roasters on Brautarholt. Thus, my perfect day starts with a band meeting and breakfast.

Around midday:
On this perfect day, both me and Sigurpáll have a day off work, and we have time to just hang out and play music for hours—so that’s exactly what we do. Just hang, drink coffee, talk and write pop songs together in the sun. That’s what we do best, and we love doing it.


For lunch:
For lunch, we definitely go to our favourite Indian/Pakistani place; Shalimar on Austurstræti. They have an amazing lunch offer called “curry in a hurry.” It’s my all-time favourite meal and, to be honest, I go there every chance I get.

In the afternoon:
In the afternoon, I go to the pool with my lovely little sister and perhaps meet some friends there, soaking up the sun in the hot tubs and having a nice conversation before going back home to cook dinner.

For dinner:
I probably make some pasta for my bandmates, and we eat in my garden while listening to some Milkhouse in the sun. We might have some Slotts on the side if we’re not too broke.

In the heat of the night:
The perfect day would have to end with us playing a nice little show. So, I guess we have a gig booked at R6013 with GRÓA and Hot Sauce Committee. It’s a lovely great time and afterwards we drink a few more beers at either my place or Sigurpáll’s. The sun barely sets. It’s a beautiful night.

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