From Iceland — Prisms, Galleries and Cocktails: Melkorka Þorkelsdóttir's Perfect Day in Reykjavík

Prisms, Galleries and Cocktails: Melkorka Þorkelsdóttir’s Perfect Day in Reykjavík

Published July 11, 2018

Prisms, Galleries and Cocktails: Melkorka Þorkelsdóttir’s Perfect Day in Reykjavík
Noemi Ehrat
Photo by
Timothée Lambrecq

Mellí (Melkorka Þorkelsdóttir) is a visual artist, downtown DJ, gotherfucker and a Hello Kitty enthusiast. She is the second half of the DJ Dominatricks hypersexual techno VJ/DJ duo. She has also been doing obnoxiously bubbly and flamboyant DJ-sets as DJ Motherfunker. Here’s her perfect day in the city, and don’t worry, she included a soundtrack to go along with it.

First thing in the morning:

First things first: I’m a typical type B night vulture, so I’ll still be sleeping. If I absolutely have to leave my apartment before noon, I’d mentally prepare myself for the day by injecting my system with caffeine and vogue anthems.

Soundtrack: “Cunty” – Kevin Aviance


Quite frankly I’m not too fond of breakfast in general—my appetite doesn’t really wake up until around noon. But I love dropping by my favourite coffee spot —Bismút on Hverfisgata—to pick up a luscious, piping hot Italian bean juice (coffee, that is) before heading to my workspace.

Soundtrack: “Just Around the Corner” – Herbie Hancock

Around mid-day:

I go to my workspace to get shit done. This summer I’ve been working on a project of mine called ‘Plexiprismi,’ where I’m creating prisms, holographs and obnoxious artworks (check it out at Facebook and Instagram @plexiprismi). I’ve been in my element and thus really productive, whipping up a dozen artworks or so, mostly thanks to the motivating tunes I blast while working. Whether it’s ghettotech or Serge Gainsbourg, a good soundtrack lights a fire under your ass to get work done.

Soundtrack: “Buena Y Guapa” – La Goony Chonga

“Despite my gothic appearance, I’m actually a gym rat at heart.”


I live for Mai Thai at Hlemmur, not only because it’s the ultimate bang for the buck downtown, but also because I live right across the street from there. But most of the time I actually head down to Laugardalur during lunchtime because, despite my gothic appearance, I’m actually a gym rat at heart. It’s almost embarrassing how I’ve started to get withdrawal symptoms if I don’t hit Laugar at least three times a week. Therefore, I truly get out of character and sweat it out alongside my fellow model fitness trainees.

Soundtrack: “Took By A Bitch” – Gucci Mane x Young Thug

In the afternoon:

On a perfect day I quit working early and then meet my beloved mom downtown where we raid some galleries like Nýló and i8, to look at both the art and the snobbish people in the galleries. Afterwards we grab coffee at some posh place like Julia & Julia or the heaven-sent cat café at Bergstaðastræti to chat and make jokes.

Soundtrack: “Nem Kaldi” – Selda Bağcan


For dinner I’d catch up, gossip and have “trúnó” (a private, confessional conversation) with some beloved friends over a scrumptious dish at Vínyl, with a couple of good prosecco clink-clinks. I personally prefer eating food that has never had a face, therefore I love going to Vínyl, where the whole menu is vegan.

Soundtrack: “It Takes Time” – John Maus

In the heat of the night:

On a weekday I’d head over to a guilty pleasure spot of mine—actually, fuck it, not even guilty, just pure pleasure—that is Pablo Discobar. I’d sip on some posh cocktail in good company and enjoy the presence of the Siggi Hlö fan regulars over there. Afterwards I’d kill for a fat GusGus event at the Hafnahúsið museum. Worst case scenario I’d invite some friends over to watch some unintelligent high-quality entertainment like Jeremy Kyle or Camp Lazlo.

Soundtrack: Minuit l’heure du swing – Didier Makaga

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