From Iceland — Iceland Airwaves Insider: Megan Horan

Iceland Airwaves Insider: Megan Horan

Published September 18, 2013

Iceland Airwaves Insider: Megan Horan

Airwaves Insider is a series of interviews with the movers & shakers of the Reykjavík scene. We’ll chat with concert promoters, musicians, music industry folks and the like and get their advice and tips for the festival. First up is Megan Horan, a face about town who was involved with events like Reykjavík Music Mess, Lunga and Rauðasandur this year, and recently started working for the Bedroom Community label.

Hello, Airwaves insider! BedCom are doing some cool stuff this year, right?
Hállo, yes indeedy, Bedroom Community will be bringing the party! We have 2 artists in the official program, Daníel Bjarnason & Nadia Sirota, then we’ll have off-venues at our usual haunt, Kaffibarinn, cramming in as many nutso BedCom acts as we can. We’re also premiering a concert film from the Whale Watching Tour on the last day. Suffice to say there will be lots of really lovely Bedroom Community stuff to get involved with. We are also in the process of confirming a lot of stuff, so maybe check the website nearer the time for a full update.

Which international bands on the 2013 lineup set your pulse racing?
Christ-on-a-bike, there are so many! SAVAGES! I guess also I’m pretty excited about MØ, I really like that ‘Glass’ track. Also Goat float my boat, and I’m always keen to see Yo La Tengo. But hands down, the band I am mostly looking forward to is Savages.

Can you tip us on a new Icelandic artist that people should look out for?
With pleasure! Good Moon Deer. They just keep going from strength to strength, I love watching them with people that have never seen them and seeing their facial expressions. Seriously, for a potential zzzzz-inducing duo including man-behind-a-computer scenario, they definitely have a great live vibe. Also Loji, the man is a beautiful goofy genius – if he made his jokes in English he’d have the whole room in stitches, and more importantly he also plays wonderful music.

And is there a veteran Icelandic band you think nobody should miss?
Well, I NEVER get bored at a Prins Polo show. EVER.

What’s your favourite festival venue, and why? Could you share a good memory from there?
I really like Gamla Bio, seeing Cheek Mountain Thief there with the full Kaffibarinn choir was a spectacular moment last year.

A lot of international folks will in the city for the festival – let’s give them some tips on…

… a good daytime activity?
Any of the local pools to sooth the head.
… a recommended restaraunt for dinner?
Snaps (can someone take me when they go please!?) or if you have shit loads of money the Fish Market.
… a good party bar to hit after the show?

Could you share some pieces of advice for all the Airwaves first-timers out there?
Buy as much booze as you can carry from the duty free shop at the airport. If there is a band you REALLY want to see, make sure you get there early to ensure you get into the venue, I’ve been bitten on the bum too many times by being complacent and missing great bands. Dress warm (now I sound like my mother). Oh and Icelanders tend to push you (lightly) out of the way, don’t be offended, its just the way it goes here. HAVE FUN! And check out Bedroom Community!

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