From Iceland — Paddy´s Top Five Burger Joints

Paddy´s Top Five Burger Joints

Published June 11, 2004

Paddy´s Top Five Burger Joints

Hard Rock Cafe
Kringlan Mall
Originally I had intended on skipping the larger chains like Hard Rock. However, during my thorough and highly scientific poll of hamburger scholars, the place came highly rated over and over. I went and asked the waitress what her favorite burger was. She brought a magificent 200 gram slab of beef patty, smothered (but not too smothered) in hickory smoked BBQ sauce, dressed in melted cheese, red onion, lettuce and tomato. Always listen to your waitress.
Tryggvagata 4-6
Hamborgarbúllan is an interesting place; it´s shape can best be described as…weird. Inside, the walls are covered with hipster Americana; a promotional poster for the first Blues Brothers movie, a portrait of Johnny Cash looking all speed-sick and beautifully ugly and a picture of the cast of the Sopranos blocked to put you in mind of DaVinci´s Last Supper, though without the mighty J.C. But out the windows, you can watch as the boat Hrefna Rós gets a new coat of paint before launching back into the bay.
The burgers are excellent. I had a simple single patty with lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise and ketchup with melted ´yellow cheese´. I was so happy to discover my beloved American cheese on the burger, I was nearly moved to tears. I highly recommend this place. Great burgers in an interesting spot, cooked right in front of you.
Tryggvagata 20
At Grillhúsið I again relied on the opinion of one of the servers. And again it paid off. I was presented with a juicy burger, cooked perfectly medium rare (exactly as I asked and it´s easier said than done) topped with melted cheese, bacon and a ´special sauce´. The burger was so good, when I got home I actually wrote: A beautiful example of hamburger artistry.
Kaffi Brennslan
Pósthússtræti 9
Here I was honored with a Dijon-glazed grilled burger, piled high with lettuce, tomato, red onion, cheese, and an excellent mustard mayonnaise sauce. This was a true gourmet bit of work, not too be missed. Kaffi Brennslan will soon be changing their already excellent menu, but I was assured they would retain the old favorites like this burger.
Bergþórugata 21
I left Vitabar for last because it´s the closest to my heart. It´s also the closest to my house. I ordered the burger that has made them famous throughout the city. A full 200 grams of burger with all the fixings, covered in a blue cheese and onion dressing, all this going on between the best hamburger bread I have encountered on either side of the Atlantic. I can only describe it as fucking rocking. I highly recommend you take a walk to this place on a Sunday afternoon and order this meal accompanied by two or three pints. If this doesn´t cure your hangover, I recommend a pistol and some time alone.

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