From Iceland — Best Of Reykjavík Activities 2020: Best Tech Exhibition

Best Of Reykjavík Activities 2020: Best Tech Exhibition

Best Of Reykjavík Activities 2020: Best Tech Exhibition

Published May 29, 2020

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Art Bicnick

So, you finally checked one off the bucket list and arrived in Iceland. Velkomin! But what now? Reykjavík is bustling with activities, from steamy swimming pools to world-renowned galleries to more historical sites than you can name. And the city’s diversity has only increased with the development of tourism—now you’ll find ambitious arthouse theatre in English and interactive tech museums dotting the streets. For those looking to get out of the capital, it’s surrounded by gorgeous hiking, plentiful picnic spots, and more. So what’s one to do to fully take advantage of the city? Presenting: the 2020 Grapevine Best Of Reykjavík Activities awards. Hey—when in Reykjavík, listen to the Reykjavíkingur.

Best Tech Exhibition

Wonders of Iceland

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If stormy weather blows your glacier trip off course, visit the Wonders of Iceland museum in the iconic Perlan. The impressive displays includes a man-made ice tunnel, complete with frigid air temperatures and a selfie spot so realistic it’ll fool your Instagram followers. In the main hall, projected glacial vistas let you see the glaciers’ different shapes and sizes, while stop-motion videos of glacial retreat reveal how fragile these majestic phenomena are. There’s also an 8k aurora planetarium in case the Northern Lights prove elusive.


Whales Of Iceland
Fiskislóð 23-25, 101 Reykjavík

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Whales Of Iceland consists of 23 life-size models of the gentle giants, from gargantuan blue whales to a 25-meter long sperm whale. Meandering around the hall will probably give you a new appreciation for underwater life. To be frank, it’s a whale of a time (sorry about that).


Flyover Iceland
Fiskislóð 43, 101 Reykjavík

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This VR experience took the city by storm in 2019, with as many Icelanders lining up for a bird’s eye view of the country as tourists. On this virtual ride, soar over glaciers, mountains, lava fields and more—complete with fresh mountain air and Iceland’s varied scents—all from the comfort of an amusement ride seat. Now, no matter the weather, you can tell all your friends you saw the Northern Lights.

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