• Party Fuel: Your Late Night Eating Guide!

    It’s Friday, 2:52 in the morning, you’re stumbling out of Hafnarhús after dancing your ass off to The Knife’s last show, and that means you have worked up a crazy appetite. But you’re in Reykjavík: where shops open at 11:00, the liquor store closes at 18:00 and the fastest food you’ll get takes at least

  • A Bucolic Brew

    While the drive through the north of Iceland may not offer as diverse an array of neck-craning scenery as the south, its serenity is unparalleled. This much was obvious on the Saturday evening that I set off for Skagafjörður, in search of the Gæðingur microbrewery, where some of Iceland’s finest craft beers are made. Once

  • Soup And Salad, Lunch Not Dinner

    ‘Kryddlegin hjörtu’ is the Icelandic translation of the title of Laura Esquivel’s novel ‘Como agua para chocolate’ or, as it is known in English-speaking countries, ‘Like Water for Chocolate.’ The story was made into a feature film, which proved a massive hit in the early ’90s, even reaching the far northern shores of Iceland. The

  • Everybody Loves Ramen

    This spring, Tsering Gyal and Kun Sung opened Ramen Momo, Iceland’s first Tibetan restaurant (although it should be noted that it’s not Iceland’s first Himalayan restaurant, which is the Nepalese restaurant Kitchen). Incidentally, Ramen Momo is also Iceland’s first dedicated ramen and dumpling place, which is some impressively specialised stuff for a country that has

  • Rural Evolution

    This summer saw the birth of two food markets. One of them, a fully fledged outdoor market in Fógetagarðurinn where street food and high-end restaurants mingle. The other, an ongoing series of grassroots pop-up markets with a focus on ethnic cuisine. This new rise in food markets called for a sitdown with the representatives of

  • Everyone’s A Chef

    I walk into Salt Eldhús (“Salt Kitchen”) on a rainy summer afternoon that feels chilly enough to be fall. Shaking off in the vestibule, I’m met by owner Auður Ögn Árnadóttir, who shakes my hand cheerfully and invites me to help myself to a cup of coffee and one of her homemade, rainbow-hued macaroons–her specialty.


    After damn near revolutionizing Reykjavík drinking culture via the beloved Appy Hour app, The Reykjavík Grapevine team has created a new thingamajig that will hopefully prove just as useful for the denizens of Reykjavík and their guests. The new app is called Craving, and has the purpose of granting hungry people freedom from having to spend hours

  • A Turkish Taste At Last

    When thinking of Mediterranean cuisine in Iceland, not much comes to mind save for the Italian restaurants that have for so long been a constant in the Reykjavík landscape. There have been few, if any, Greek restaurants for example, and hardly any specializing in North African food. The Turkish restaurant Meze, which opened its doors

  • Don Donuttio DiMaggio Of The County Fair

    Just as the infinitely self-deprecating Don of the Springfield mafia couldn’t resist a tiny bicycle trick, I’m a gal who can’t deny the appeal of a mini doughnut (or donut, depending on your upbringing). From the classic Americana appeal of the Munchkin to the quintessential Canadianness of the Timbit, when given the choice, I’ll usually

  • Selling Like Hot (Crab) Cakes

    Located further afield than most of Reykjavík’s new brigade of food trucks, Walk the Plank—specializing in crab cake sliders from locally caught Atlantic rock crab—seems right at home in its harbourside location, tucked comfortably between working trawlers and whale-watching boats. Started in June, Walk the Plank is the product of a (rather spontaneous) collaboration between

  • Mystic (anonymous) Pizza

    Much like the version of himself Ted Danson portrayed in the cult TV hit show ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’—in which Mr. Danson donated handsomely, and anonymously, to a good cause—there was a huge buzz this spring about a new pizza place that was, and remains, anonymous. Locals were very eager to know more about this nameless

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