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Iceland’s Most Productive Indie Band


Local indie band Supersport! recounts their latest release, writing about houses, and facing an identity crisis A charming underground art-pop…

Hvammsvík: Where Time Stands Still


Just 40 minutes from Reykjavik city centre, in the gorgeous landscape of Hvalfjörður, lies Iceland’s latest thermal baths experience. A…

Photographing The Unseen: Anna Maggý Aims For The Top


Anna Maggý is a rising star in Reykjavík. The work of the 24-year-old photographer, videographer and artist has been featured…

Icelandic Fashion Grows Up


Reykjavík Fashion Festival 2014 showed that Icelanders are finally serious about their stuffReykjavík Fashion Festival is in its fifth year…

Jukebox Babe


My first impressions of the second Reykjavík Fashion Festival were of a well-run and well-organised event. Gone were last year’s…

Turning Wool Into Gold


A decade ago Icelandic knits were dismissed by Icelanders, who deemed anything connected to traditional sheep wool as something only…

Faktorý – Saturday

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Photo by Morgan Levy. Lazyblood show us how it’s done The night began awesomely well at Faktory on Saturday, with…

Iðnó – Friday

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Photos by Hvalreki The evening started with a quiet, laid-back atmosphere at beautiful Iðnó when girl trio My Bubba And…

Amsterdam – Thursday

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Amsterdam is somewhat of a surprising venue this year. It’s the home of sleazy regulars, and reeks of beer and…

Like Drinking A Bottle Of Cough Syrup On The Beach


Photo by Jen McManus New York rockers The Vandelles are very likely the coolest band to hit Airwaves this year….

It’s My Responsibility To Focus on Unknown Bands


Parisian filmmaker Mathieu Saura, better known as Vincent Moon, catapulted to fame after shooting The Arcade Fire playing in an…