From Iceland — Best Of Reykjavík Shopping 2020: Hidden Gem

Best Of Reykjavík Shopping 2020: Hidden Gem

Best Of Reykjavík Shopping 2020: Hidden Gem

Published May 26, 2020

Photo by
Art Bicnick

Consumerism might be destroying the planet, but hey, you can’t walk around naked. While Iceland may not be a worldwide shopping destination due to high prices and its relative isolation, there’s still a plethora of unique products that are worth spending your hard-earned dough on. From handmade lopapeysur created by dotings Grandmas to obscure Björk b-b-b-sides, here’s your essential guide to shopping in Reykjavík.

Hidden Gem

Núllið Gallerý
Bankastræti 0

hidden gem reykjavik

“Núllið Gallerý has a purpose and an attitude that is desperately needed in this city,” the panel determined. “It’s fresh, curated, and has its finger on the underground pulse of Reykjavík. To be fair, it literally is underground.” The pop-up gallery project space—located in the old Freddie arcade—hosts exhibitions, events, performances and more, focusing on the newest, brightest, and strangest of Icelandic talent. It’s an edgy, eclectic space that has consistently wowed with everything it’s done. Check online for upcoming eventss, and no matter what, show up to see them.


Pastel Flower Studio
Baldursgata 36

hidden gem reykjavik

Pastel Flower studio is only open on Fridays from 13:00 to 18:00—so plan accordingly. The studio uses cut, dried, and fresh flowers to create unique arrangements that reference classic Icelandic nature in an unexpected and innovative way. Trust us: You won’t find a florist in the city that’s in anyway comparable.


Street Rats Tattoo
Hverfisgata 37

hidden gem reykjavik

Kristófer, a.k.a. Sleepofer Tattoo, changed the game of Icelandic tattooing. He’s proved himself to be a fresh, experimental artist whose works have become a somewhat coveted symbol in the city. An in-demand, somewhat elusive figure, he recently opened up his own studio, Street Rats Tattoo, on Hverfisgata. So if you’re looking to get your travel tattoo, go there. It’s way more interesting than a Vegvísir.

Previous Winners

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