From Iceland — Best Of Reykjavík Shopping 2020: Best Grocery Store

Best Of Reykjavík Shopping 2020: Best Grocery Store

Best Of Reykjavík Shopping 2020: Best Grocery Store

Published May 26, 2020

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Art Bicnick

Consumerism might be destroying the planet, but hey, you can’t walk around naked. While Iceland may not be a worldwide shopping destination due to high prices and its relative isolation, there’s still a plethora of unique products that are worth spending your hard-earned dough on. From handmade lopapeysur created by dotings Grandmas to obscure Björk b-b-b-sides, here’s your essential guide to shopping in Reykjavík.

Best Grocery Store

Krónan Grandi
Fiskislóð 15-21

grocery store reykjavik

For the fourth year in a row, Krónan has proven that it is the best grocery store in town. “Krónan at Grandi is no doubt the freshest market in the city. It’s beautifully organised and has a great selection. You really couldn’t ask for more,” one panel member raved. They also praised its wide selection, which has everything from speciality vegan products to obscure meat cuts. For downtown rats without cars, Krónan might seem like a bit of a trek, but the panel urged that the prices and selection are so far beyond that of downtown grocery spots, it is absolutely worth it.


Hagamel 39, 107

grocery store reykjavik

For foodies looking for artisanal deli meats, fresh figs, rare cheeses and all sorts of unexpected, hard-to-find treats, Vesturbær’s beloved Melabúðin should satiate your desires. “People find Melabúðin inspirational,” one panelist said. “It’s also a part of the Vesturbær culture. If it ever left, people would riot!”


Hallveigarstígur 1

grocery store reykjavik

Taking over Bónus’s old locale on Hallveigarstígur, Super1 has been a surprise success in the 101 community. It has an infinitely better selection than the Laugavegur Bónus location—as well as a significantly less depressing interior—and it’s also open until 22:00. Win-win.

Previous Winners

2017-9: Krónan Grandi
2016: Bónus

You can buy a copy of the full Best Of Reykjavík 2020 magazine—an essential guide to having fun in Reykjavík—here, posted worldwide. 

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