From Iceland — Best Of Reykjavík 2019: Best Smoking Area

Best Of Reykjavík 2019: Best Smoking Area

Best Of Reykjavík 2019: Best Smoking Area

Published March 11, 2019

There is one thing abundantly clear from our very scientific drinking research: craft beers and gastropubs have arrived in force. You can’t throw a stone without hitting someone washing down a dry-aged chilli burger with a local IPA. After a few stable years, Reykjavík’s bar scene seems to be shifting in general, with more wine, cocktails and fancy beers available than ever before. Some facts of life, however, remain the same: alcohol is expensive, but that doesn’t stop us from partying. Bottoms up, babe.

Best Smoking Area

Laugavegur 28b

a photo of the Boston outdoor area
In the winter season, a good smoking area is all about being sheltered from the elements. Here, Boston excels—the vast balcony smoking area is totally covered, with heaters and sofas, like a smokers’ paradise. “It’s super well heated,” smiled the smokers on the panel. “It’s like a summer house.” One aesthete remarked: “I really like the interior—if they would paint the smoking area black to match, I’d be even happier.” Due to the tented design, the ventilation perhaps isn’t the best, but hey, at least you won’t freeze your lips off when you’re trying to have a fag.


Austurstræti 20

A photo of the outdoor seating area at Hresso
With a massive, well-ventilated tent area featuring picnic tables, ashtrays and countless heaters, you might well forget you’re outside at all when you go for a cigarette at Hressó. Smoke your face off and get lost in your conversation without feeling like you’re in the arctic—and rejoice!


address (h6)

Kaffibarinn’s tiny, unassuming smoking area is one of the best you’ll find for conversation. “It only seats seven asses, and it’s a total bottleneck,” said the panel. “People huddle like penguins in the arctic—that’s how we Icelanders get through the winter. But that’s where some of my most fascinating 3 a.m. situations have happened.”

Previous Winners

2018: Boston
2017: Hressó

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