Author: Jonathan Pattishall - The Reykjavik Grapevine

Sea Change


The fishing industry is the base on which the villages that dot Iceland’s coastline are built. What happens when it…

In A Van Down By The Ocean, Touring to Vík

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Nearly 200 kilometres of road lay in front of us. From Reykjavík to Vík í Mýrdal in two days, that…

Something In The Water


If you’re a carbon-based life form, you probably need water. If you’re a perpetually dehydrated carbon-based life form, like me,…

Over The Edge


On May 17, a massive torfæra rally briefly turned Hella into one of the most action-packed corners of Iceland, attracting…



A kickass cruise on reinvented wheelsIf you think Kings of Leon, the Black Keys and the White Stripes are all…

Gone Fishin’ With Illgresi


Talk about that high lonesome sound. The boys of bluegrass quartet Illgresi have searched every hummock and holler in Iceland…

Homeward Bound


A lost cat is returned to his owner, seven years laterIn 2007, Iceland’s economy was still in its pre-crash boom…

“It Doesn’t Have To Be Warm To Be Exotic”


The songs on My bubba’s new album, ‘Goes Abroader,’ were written during the long, dark nights of a Scandinavian winter….

Louder, Brighter, Bigger

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In the wake of several live venues closing down in the past few years, news of Gamli Gaukurinn not only…

My bubba’s New “Island” Music video


The lyrics of My bubba’s single “Island” offer listeners a visual feast—full of cannons, clamshells, seahorses, and windswept beaches. In…

Brain Police Combat Public Displays Of Aggression


My colleague and I arrived at Dillon to find ourselves stuck in the agonizingly sober limbo of Purgatory. Happy hour,…

Track of Issue: My bubba’s “Island”


All isn’t quite right in paradise. On My bubba’s new single, ‘Island,’ the soothing maritime baseline evokes the sound of…

Pay Per View

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Icelanders put a price tag on their nature for the first time, everIn June last year, something unprecedented happened here…