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Logn / Manslaughter: Split


Exploding out of the gate in true Nasum fashion, both guns grinding, with an evil yet instantly memorable main riff….

You: Why are you wearing these dorky running shoes at Airwaves, man? Me: Because my feet hurt from watching all your shitty bands.


I was going to be the human iPod-shuffle last night, going from venue to venue regardless of if it was…

Sódóma – Friday


My roommate Gummi is a chef. He was making a meal that I quite fancied, and I have to admit,…

There’s Also Icelandic Metal! Check it out!


The Airwaves festival is a good thing. Bunch of bands, amalgam of styles and genres. Couple of great bands, bunch…



Coliseum without the rock. Breach without the crashing sadness. Like a less hectic Breather Resist. A less frantic, slow, riff-heavy…

Small Talk – Important Still


Now, like I already told you, I grew up in a village and thus I mastered, subconsciously, the skill and…

The Editors Speak

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Valur The first editor My career as editor of Grapevine ended the way it started, being shouted at by ancient…

The Importance of Small Talk


I used to be one of the best. My small talk skills were immense. I could keep up with anybody…

Skátar’s Self Inflicted Death Blow


Talk about leaving a gap in the Icelandic independent music landscape. Skátar have decided to throw in the towel and…

Advanced Retrön & Dragons


RETRÖN is a strange animal. Loved by hipsters and metalheads alike, there’s much to be said about this unique band….

Getting Into It


Attending the final night of the Reykjavík Jazz Festival, I did not expect much. Stórsveit Samma (Sammi’s Big Band) has…



Through the years, I have been quite vocal about my admiration for Incubus and, despite my left-field tendencies and preferences,…