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Heat In The Highlands: A Road Trip To The Hot Springs Of Kjölur


Note: Kjölur is a gravel road requiring a 4×4 vehicle Iceland’s summer solstice is marked by 24 hours of sun…

Smite The Throne: The Grapevine Guide To The Throne-Game

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The Game of Thrones can be a little confusing. But fear not, friends. We up here beyond the wall have…

Making 110 Great Again: Every Stand At Mathöll Höfða Reviewed

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Reykjavík is a speedy city—the latest measurements show it can accelerate from 0-3 food halls in as many years. The…

Get #Gibberese!


Reykjavík artist hits Queensland this monthEver wondered how languages relate to the environments in which they’re uttered? Do you tweet?…

How To Manage A Conservation Conversation


A one-act play about community communicationTHE PLAYERS The Corporation The Farmers The Friends The Locals The Nature The Narrator The…

Pushing A9ainst


‘Ge9n’ (“A9ainst”) surveys many pressing and intertwined social, economic, and environmental concerns needing in-depth and interdisciplinary re-evaluation now. Yes, now….

Do You Read Me?


Everyday, we face a constant interaction with our internal and external environments that requires of us one hyperawesome skill: LITER-ACY….

Transaquania: A Breath of Fresh Air


Breath. What is not seen? What is taken for granted? What is repressed? What, through years of neglect, vanishes as…

Fashion, Eruption, Aggression, And A Whole Lotta Fuzz


Hours after a volcanic fissure ruptured in Fimmvörðuháls on the vernal equinox, Canadian electro-glam star Peaches erupted onto NASA’s stage…

NASA – Saturday

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I have no idea why I missed Jónas Sigurðsson & Malbikið Svífur’s set. OK. I know. I overslept. A lot….

Iðnó – Friday


Iðnó’s concert hall crackled loudly with its first musician. Multitasker Matthew Collings mixed and looped a mélange of vibrant bass…

Kaffibarinn – Thursday (off-venue)


When I feel, my words muddle and press, compress, express. First: Puzzle Muteson. Warm, muffled folk. Bodies reclined on stairs,…

Fríkirkjan – Thursday


Most languages in the world are comprised of both a visual and an aural component, so it was with intrigue…