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  • Yule Year-Round

    This fall, while planning my first trip up North, I messaged a friend of mine who had gone to secondary school in Akureyri and asked him for a few choice recommendations. “The Christmas Garden,” he wrote back almost immediately. “Smells delish. Sounds like winter. Has a scary Grýla… It’s all you could wish for.” Despite

  • Wrestling With Your Own Fear

    Adrenalíngarðurinn (“The Adrenalin Park”) is an amusement park for adults: an obstacle course that offers 45 obstacles on three levels for those willing to step outside of their comfort zone. I chose to go straight up to the top floor, because I wanted the “authentic experience.” Of course, I was kicking myself over my decision

  • Gathering Sheep: They’re Bloody Stubborn!

    It was a tough climb to the top of the hill, and I was tired from the ascent. Luckily it wasn’t raining. Once we reached the top, I turned around and looked across the valley and found that, yes, autumn had set in. The once bright green pastures had turned yellow, red and brown. The

  • Winter Westfjords And The Art Of Zen

    When I set off on a Westfjords adventure in early November, I never expected it to be such an educational experience. But, it was. What I learned was the utter futility of trying to defy the elements, how one must sometimes just surrender to the environment. City slickers heading to the Westfjords in wintertime, heed

  • Get Outta Town!

    Feeling an overwhelming urge to explore the nearby towns without missing out on Airwaves? Do you feel crushed by the drunken crowds? Guess what, here are some suggestions for how to get outta town, make the most out of your time – and get some pretty nice food while you’re at it . Hike and

  • Iceland’s Sonic Landscape

    Not long ago, I was packing my travel bag into the back of my friends’ four-wheel drive SUV as we all headed out for an extended week navigating the Ring Road. I was somewhere between a tourist and a resident, living in Iceland on a yearlong fellowship, and on my boss’s advice, I decided to

  • Tölting Through The Lava Fields

    “This is Stormur,” says the German staff member at Íshestar as she hands me the reins of my horse for the morning. She leaves us to get acquainted, and I pet Stormur’s soft nose, barely able to contain my glee. With impatience, I had sat through Íshestar’s instructional video for people who have never touched

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