Up Close: The Textures & Colours Of Iceland

Up Close: The Textures & Colours Of Iceland

Photos by
Timothée Lambrecq

Grapevine contributor and filmmaker Timothée Lambrecq went up to north Iceland earlier this year to explore and document the area around Lake Mývatn. While he was there, he got an idea for a different kind of portrait of the Icelandic landscape.

“I’ve been there before but this time I really wanted to focus on the textures,” says Timothée. “You can’t find that outside of Iceland—it’s super organic, colourful and different. I wonder how the earth can produce these colours—the yellows, blues and oranges are colours you don’t find anywhere else. It’s a way to find a different angle on the Icelandic landscape, away from the more classic shots. It’s a different perception of the landscape to get close to these colours and textures. These close shots are contrasted with wide shots of the area that each texture was found.”

The music on the video is by Kosmodod, the producer behind Samaris. “There´s a space feeling in the music—it’s like it’s from another planet,” says Timothée, “So it really fit with the feel of the film.”

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