The Winner Of This Week’s #GVPics Competition

The Winner Of This Week’s #GVPics Competition

Winter is right around the corner, but these native Icelanders are not ones to complain. Local fauna come together to chat about their adventures during summer vacation, show off new tricks and do their baaaaa-ing even louder than usual.

Here is our selection of some best buddies’ group pictures, as well as some solo ‘baaaaa’ and ‘neeeigh’ moments. Remember to continue tagging your photos with the hashtag #GVPics and get a chance to become the winner of next week’s competition.

Our runners-up are:

“I believe I can fly…”

Sheep here, sheep there, sheep everywhere.

‘Oh, guys, I missed you so much, but still – give me some space, please!’

Charlie’s Angels on the horizon.

Please meet Charlie’s Angels. #Iceland #SheepsOfIceland #westfjords #visitwestfjords

A photo posted by Henry Páll (@aguycalledpaul) on

Walking slowly towards the end of the autumn.

Wind in mane.

Amazing, colors are everywhere!

And our winner: it’s all about the right place, the right time… and the right company.

Congrats, Peter. Your photograph captures the perfect moment and composition of these beautiful Icelandic creatures! There’s a T-shirt and Grapevine goodie bag waiting for you at our office.

Thanks to all the Instagrammers who participated in this week’s contest! Keep on finding creative ways to capture Iceland’s beauty on your phone, and make sure to follow @RVKgrapevine and use the hashtag #GVpics to compete in next week’s competition.

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