Welcoming Autumn For This Week’s #GVPics

Welcoming Autumn For This Week’s #GVPics

Autumn is approaching, and the change of season is noticeable in the entries we received for this week’s #GVpics contest. Not only are the colours in the landscape changing, but it’s also the time to see northern lights at their best.

Remember to continue tagging your photograph with the hashtag #GVPics for a chance at becoming the winner of next week’s competition.

Our runners-up are:

Snorkelling between the tectonic plates.

No filter needed for snorkeling between the tectonic plates! #silfra #iceland #thumbsup #gvpics

A photo posted by Natalie Alexis Wintemute (@natwintemute) on

Why they say ‘less is more’.

Give me that ice cream… NOW.

If you ever get lost in Iceland, just look for one of these.

Northern lights are always captivating whether you see them looking up…

Or whether you can catch them at eye level.

Lucky enough to watch the northern lights in Reykjavik tonight! #facetime #iceland #reykjavik #northernlights #gvpics

A photo posted by Maggie Murphy (@maggie__mayy) on

When it’s still. Tjörnin has a beautiful reflection of the city.

the upside down world ? // 22.08.16 #magiciseverywhere #reykjavik #iceland #strangerthings

A photo posted by Lara Wolny (@sweetkine) on

But reflections can also be seen in puddles.

#101reykjavik#reykjavik #shadow#gvpics

A photo posted by Tom (@rwy16) on

So… here’s our winner. It’s all about detail.

Hi Autumn #gvpics #igersiceland #vscoiceland

A photo posted by Álex (@pilagrimur) on

Congrats, Alejandro. Your photograph captures the perfect detail of what autumn is all about… colours! There’s a T-shirt and Grapevine goodie bag waiting for you at our office (or coming to you in the mail).

Thanks to all the Instagrammers who participated in this week’s contest! Keep on finding creative ways to capture Iceland’s beauty on your phone, and make sure to follow @RVKgrapevine and use the hashtag #GVpics to compete in next week’s competition.

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