#GVPICS: This Week’s Winner

#GVPICS: This Week’s Winner

The #GVPics Instagram competition becomes brighter each day with sunny landscapes and locals dressed in fewer clothes. Check out the winner and runners-up and remember to keep tagging your photographs with the hashtag #GVpics for a chance at becoming the winner of next week’s competition!

The runners-up:

Where there is smoke, there’s toast.

Make sure to cover your head when these approach. They can get really mad.

Never mess up with the Kría, she's à tough fighter – Strandir area – july 2014 #repostproject #Iceland

A photo posted by Julli jonsson (@julli_jonsson) on

Colourful houses of the Westman Islands.

omelette du fromage #vestmannaeyjar #westmanislands #heimaey #GVPics

A photo posted by ANAKAREN JIMB (@anacarwash) on

This black church is located in Búðir and is even more beautiful inside.

Budir #gvpics #island

A photo posted by @gudmarco on

An ok view for swimmers. The red doughnut is also a must for sunbathing. Maybe not in this weather though.

⭕️ #igersiceland #gvpics

A photo posted by Álex (@pilagrimur) on

This photographer is preparing his last frame.

#candid #photographer #adventure #iceland #vikingtours #vestmannaeyjar #gvpics

A photo posted by @jeanleighk on

The young skater kids of Reykjavík never cease to amaze.

That caption though.

Is Reykjavík always this colourful or does the snow just usually cover it?

Yub, guess it does.

Snowstorm in Akureyri – North Iceland – December 2014 #repostproject #Iceland #akureyri

A photo posted by Julli jonsson (@julli_jonsson) on


Congratulations Stacey Katz. This photograph of an old Icelandic house makes us feel nostalgic and the caption is genius. You have a T-shirt and goodie bag awaiting you at the Grapevine office.

Thanks to everybody for participating in this week’s contest and make sure to tag your photographs for next week’s competition!
#GVPics #GVPics #GVPics #GVPics #GVPics

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