#GVpics: The Week’s Best Instagrams Of Iceland

#GVpics: The Week’s Best Instagrams Of Iceland

Each week here at the Grapevine, we look through all the posts on Instagram that were tagged #GVpics. We get a dizzying range of entries, from people’s artwork, pets, hotel rooms, holiday experiences, northern lights shots, and more. We love seeing what you all get up to on your Iceland adventures! So please keep them coming.

We shortlist our favourites, and give a SUPER SPECIAL GRAPEVINE GOODIE BAG, including a t-shirt and some extra cool stuff, to the winner.

So without further ado, here’s this weeks #GVpics!

We had some serious snow recently, but it’s nice to see that people don’t let it disrupt their fun-having.

A bridge over untroubled water.

Hiking in Snæfellsnes. #GVpics

A photo posted by Till HG (@hgtill) on

Oh man. Doesn’t this make you wanna go on a road trip? Like, right now?

If you’ve been through an Icelandic winter, you’ve probably realised why lópapeysa are so popular here. But they are also probably the single best souvenir you can take home.

Sweaters for sale at the #Kolaportið flea market. #Reykjavik #Iceland #gvpics

A photo posted by @stephangraveline on

Singin’ in the raincoats.

Colored people at Jökulsárlón #iceland #jökulsárlón #jokulsarlon #GVpics

A photo posted by Marco Asbach (@marco_asbach) on

Tjórnin really is the most beautiful spot on a nice day, huh.

Strange clouds over Reykjavík #reykjavik #iceland #GVpics

A photo posted by Marco Asbach (@marco_asbach) on

Do horses dream?

Gorgeous Icelandic beasts. #gvpics #iceland

A photo posted by Justin Batchelor (@justinbatchelor) on

Yay, more art submissions please!

‘Tis the season to go ice-caving. Don’t do this in summer though guys! They melt and collapse sometimes…

Nice to be cosy on a day like this….

It’s a very white office view today. ❄️❄️ #icelandicwinter #boatsandsnow #skjálfandi #gvpics

A photo posted by Charla Basran (@cjbasran) on

We got our resident Canadian soup-loving gourmet/gourmand York Underwood to pick the winner this week. He said, of the shot below: “I really like the composition of the photo. And I’ve always felt that everyone should have a coloured door in their life to make remembering their childhood more vivid. And I’ve always wanted to know what’s behind the green door.”

But windy in the north east overnight. #gvpics #iceland

A photo posted by Justin Batchelor (@justinbatchelor) on

So congratulations to Justin Batchelor. Only ten Instagram posts, and you already won a prize! Good job!

And remember, keep tagging your pics #GVpics for your chance to win next week.

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