No More Blues: Animals Are Awesome!

No More Blues: Animals Are Awesome!

Photo by
Hörður Sveinsson

Opened in 1990, Fjölskyldu- og húsdýragarðurinn is a family escape open year round, giving kids (and city folk) the chance to get up close and personal with a variety of animals native to Iceland. The animal park houses 150 specimens of 19 species – including horses, cattle, pigs, sheep, goats, foxes, minks, reindeers, seals, hens, chickens, turkey, pigeons, rabbits, guinea pigs, geese, ducks, dogs and cats – for viewing, plus a handful of wild birds and other species undergoing rehabilitation before being released back into the wild. Lions, giraffes and zebras are overrated. Goats are where it’s at.

Fjölskyldu- og húsdýragarðurinn introduced an aquarium in late 2004 to showcase species from the North Atlantic ocean. There are well over 20 species of fish alongside other natives of the sea like molluscs and crabs. More recently, Science World opened to allow visitors to take a hands on approach to science through their exhibits. Are you a screamer? You can measure just how loud your scream is at Science World.

In addition to all the animals, fish and science, Fjölskyldu- og húsdýragarðinum has a family park with some attractions for parents and kids, like boat rides and horseback rides. There’s also a cafeteria when you’ve had too much excitement and need to regenerate and refuel. Studies have shown that being around animals can make us happier people so head out to Fjölskyldu- og húsdýragarðinum and be happier, damn it.

  • What: Fjölskyldu- og Húsdýragarðurinn
  • Where: Hafrafelli v/Engjaveg, 104 Reykjavík
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