Passing Through

Baltimore is also a major jumping off point to other cities in the country. Here’s a basic look at a few of the better airline deals we were able to find. Prices include all fees and are e-ticket prices for roundtrip flights with departures and arrivals during weekdays in April and May. See for more details. As always, the further ahead you book, the cheaper it’ll be:
Los Angeles
Frontier Airlines flies to LA for $218. There’s a connecting flight in Denver, but your total travel time is seven hours and thirty-five minutes.
United Airlines is offering direct flights to Chicago for $163 with a duration of about two hours.
New York
US Airways has flights to LaGuardia for $251, while Delta has direct flights to JFK for $231. Both flights take about an hour and a half.
American Airlines has a two-and-a-half hour direct flight to Miami for $143.
Continental flies to Seattle in eight-and-a-half hours, with a connecting flight in Houston, for $214.
If you want to travel by rail, Baltimore’s Penn Station is centrally located on Charles St., just on the other side of the bridge that spans over I-83 and is hard to miss thanks to the giant mobile sculpture they’ve recently erected in front of it. Round trip to New York by train will only set you back $73 and get you there in a little over three hours.
Greyhound is also downtown, just a few blocks west of Charles St. on Fayette St. Round-trip to New York by bus will cost $65 if you buy the ticket less than three days before your departure date, $45 if you book at least three days in advance and, oddly, $58 if you book seven days in advance.

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