From Iceland — Kertasníkir Declines In Popularity, Still Top Yule Lad

Kertasníkir Declines In Popularity, Still Top Yule Lad

Published December 16, 2016

Andie Sophia Fontaine
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Inga María Brynjarsdóttir

The Yule Lad who arrives on Christmas Eve to steal all your candles is, once again, the most popular of all the Yule Lads – although survey comparisons between the years show his dominance might be threatened.

According to a new poll from Market and Media Research, Kertasníkir is once again the most popular Yule Lad of all, with 30% of respondents citing him as their favourite. The most despised Yule Lad remains Pottaskefill, at 1%, presumably for his habit of licking your pots while you sleep.

The results are largely unchanged from last year’s poll. However, it should be noted that last year, Kertasníkir was at 35%, and has therefore seen the greatest amount of decline in popularity of any of the Yule Lads. At the same time, the diminutive Stúfur, who is in the second place position at 24%, was also in this position last year, albeit with greater numbers behind him this year than last.

Age plays a factor in these results, and may influence results in the future. Kertasníkir was decidedly most popular with those under 49 years of age, while Stúfur is hugely popular with Icelanders in the 30 to 49 age bracket. Children also seem to really take a shine to Hurðaskellir, possibly for his propensity to slam doors for no reason.

As Iceland’s population continues to get older, we may see some major upsets in terms of Yule Lads with the largest degree of popular support. Grapevine will keep readers updated on any new developments, as they unfold.

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