From Iceland — Don't Ask Nanna About: Meeting Locals

Don’t Ask Nanna About: Meeting Locals

Published January 16, 2017

Don’t Ask Nanna About: Meeting Locals

Dear Nanna,
I’m traveling with my girlfriend over the Christmas/New Year’s period, I read on the Grapevine that mostly locals party at home or throw house parties during the holidays rather than go out. We aren’t interested in just going out to bars and seeing other tourists and really want the authentic Icelandic party experience. How do we get to know locals well enough to score invites to more intimate parties?

Looking for Locals

Dear Looking for Locals,
“Authentic Icelandic experiences”? “Intimate parties”? Icelanders aren’t props for your good time, asshole. We have lives that we are living here, this isn’t Westworld. Wait, is it?

Nanna (or am I?)


Hey Nanna,
My friend told me earlier this month that she’d had an abortion last year and I can’t help but feel like our relationship is damaged somehow. We tell each other everything, or so I thought. I mean, she’s kept this a secret for a FULL YEAR. I am having trouble bringing myself to talk to her, do I need to change my thinking here? She says I don’t have a right to be hurt but I can’t help how I feel.


Hey Betrayed,
I think the person who needs to change her thinking here is your so-called “friend.” She’s the one making reproductive health decisions without consulting the Master General of her uterus—i.e. you.
How callous can she be? Her duty as your friend is to keep you sated with juicy personal morsels of her private life so that you may live life through her experiences as well as your own. DOES SHE NOT UNDERSTAND YOUR FEELINGS ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT FEELINGS?
I’m sorry your friend treats you this way.



Hi Nanna,
I’m doing a PhD at HÍ and I’ve developed feelings for a fellow student. I’ve never had feelings for someone of my own gender before and I’m curious to explore it but I also have no idea what the fuck I’m doing. I think the feeling is mutual but I don’t know for sure. What would be the best way to make my move? Should I?

The Graduate

Hi Graduate,
My go-to “move” back in the day was inviting someone over for a candlelit pizza dinner and opening the door in a sexy Chewbacca costume. In my experience this works pretty much every time and has appeal across the gender spectrum because even if someone isn’t into fucking Chewbacca, everyone appreciates pizza as a segue to sex.
You’re welcome.



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Enough. Stop. Now.


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