Download This: "Imprints" By Tonik Ensemble - The Reykjavik Grapevine

Download This: “Imprints” By Tonik Ensemble

Download This: “Imprints” By Tonik Ensemble

Published August 14, 2015

Our track of the issue features all the best of what Tonik Ensemble (Anton Kaldal Ágústsson, and a host of contributing collaborators) can do in the studio. The beat is steady, a driving force of welcome techno staples, overlaid with deftly placed instrumental, ear-candy flourishes. Atop it all is the solemn, chilled-out vocal track supplied by Jóhann Kristinsson: it’s synthesized enough to sound mystical, but left alone enough to retain humanity. “Imprints” is a mood maker: the kind of track that adds profundity to passing landscapes on a long car ride, or gets things a bit weird and wavy on a Friday night. In short: good stuff.

Download the track here (right-click and save as).

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