From Iceland — Track Of Issue: Myndra's "Distant Lover"

Track Of Issue: Myndra’s “Distant Lover”

Track Of Issue: Myndra’s “Distant Lover”

Published June 10, 2014

The first 20 seconds of “Distant Lover” give little insight into its edgy, restive and bittersweet nature, but wispy, fluttering guitars soon reveal the dichotomy at its heart. Both Linus Lárpera’s breezy vocals and his distant lover’s calm body movements juxtapose with the song’s skittish and asynchronous drumbeat, as well as the nervous thoughts that linger on within both. Furthermore, luscious, ethereal synths in the song’s break give it a relaxing ‘sentimental sunset drive’ feel as Linus’s wordless murmurings on the chorus give the impression of him (and by proxy, you) leaving sentimental troubles behind. It’s cathartic without being angsty, sentimental without being self-indulgent and music to lull as well as enlighten. So drag out that list of ex-sweethearts and dial into Myndra’s “Distant Lover.”

You can download the track here.

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