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Track Of The Issue!

Track Of The Issue!

Published January 6, 2012

LEGEND knocked veteran Grapevine music scribe Rebecca Louder off her feet at last year’s Iceland Airwaves. Here’s what she wrote:
“LEGEND is a band whose name is not only apt but a multifold description of the complexities of their music and bandmembers. These are veteran local musicians and incredibly talented people who can accomplish the musical style of their picking on a whim based on sheer knowledge alone. The sound they produce together is indeed the stuff of legends – think Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Nails. That kind of legend. It is passionate and danceable, meant for closing your eyes, throwing your hands up in despair and feeling it down to your core.
What’s more, frontman Krummi Björgvinsson is himself, whichever way you look at it, an affirmed local legend, synonymous with the bands Mínus, Esja and his own electronic act. It is in this incarnation however that it feels like Krummi is bearing his opening the gates, baring his soul, cutting out his heart and sewing it on his sleeve for the world to see.”
Now guess what! LEGEND’s début is finally seeing the light of day! Scheduled for a February drop, it’s called ‘FEARLESS’ and we hear it’s quite good! Check it out for yourself by sampling the sweet ‘City’ off Surely, you’ll agree.

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