From Iceland — Headbanging Over A Piano

Headbanging Over A Piano

Headbanging Over A Piano

Published January 28, 2011

Viktoriya ‘Vika’ Yermoleva is a 32-year old classically educated pianist who hails from Ukraine. She plays, for the most part, piano versions of contemporary metal songs, and by contemporary, we mean the kind-of-cheesy, wish-you-couldn’t-still-remember-all-the-words-to kind of teen anthems that were blasted out of car stereos everywhere in their time. We’re talking Metallica here. And Queen. And Motörhead. And yeah, Nirvana. We’re talking System Of A fucking Down. And Muse and Guns’N’Roses and Slayer. Oh boy, are we talking Slayer. To top it all off, she’s accompanied by Dresden Dolls drummer Brian Viglione in all his hyperactive glory, so bring booze. And a towel.

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