From Iceland — Get Diggin’: Where To Snatch Up Vintage Clothing In Reykjavík

Get Diggin’: Where To Snatch Up Vintage Clothing In Reykjavík

Get Diggin’: Where To Snatch Up Vintage Clothing In Reykjavík

Published June 21, 2019

From high-end brands to bizarre eccentricities, Reykjavík’s vintage scene is rife with possibility. Help the environment, save your money, and look great doing it at by shopping at these iconic Reykjavík second-hand stores.

reykjavík vintage

Garðastræti 6
Winner of the Reykjavík Grapevine’s 2019 “Best Secondhand Shop” award, Hertex is a treasure trove of eccentricities. For those looking to dig through piles of oddities in order to find the perfect fluorescent yellow pumps or a new sequined jumpsuit, look no further. It’s a Salvation Army outlet, as well, so you can feel good about your purchases.

reykjavík vintage

Wasteland Reykjavík
Ingólfsstræti 5
The Reykjavík take on the Danish franchise, Wasteland Reykjavík came onto the secondhand scene recently and quickly dominated it. For super á la mode downtown Reykjavík looks—i.e. cheerleader uniforms, Guy Fieri t-shirts, and astronaut-esque jumpsuits—this is the go-to. Though it’s only been in the city for a hot minute, Wasteland has already proved it doesn’t just sell trends, it makes them.

reykjavík vintage

Laugavegur 28
While Spúútnik used to be the be-all-end-all of downtown Reykjavík chic, it’s been slowly rebranding lately. Now filled with one-of-a-kind pieces plucked from the depths of NYC and Berlin style, it’s the place to go if you’re looking to drop a lil’ dough on a vintage M&M branded race car jacket or something equally obscure. Note: a binge can get expensive.

Ingólfsstræti 2b
Stefánsbúð is technically not a secondhand store, but it does have a rack of old high-end designer pieces in the back. A favourite among Reykjavík’s fashion elite, the selection proves there is a distinction between “vintage clothes,” and “vintage pieces.” Prices trend high, but what you get will no doubt be top notch.

reykjavík vintage

Laugavegur 126
The cheaper sister shop of Spúútnik, Fatamarkaðurinn is a favourite for those looking to find Spúútnik-esque style at a lower price. Recently, they’ve been stocked with athleisure, Ugg Boots, camo pants, and other Instagram-friendly pieces. While their quality is a bit shabbier than Spúútnik, that’s pretty much the vibe you want from vintage purchases, right?

The Red Cross
Laugavegur 12 & Laugavegur 116
Filled to the brim with clothes that’ll either make you say, “Who on Earth would wear that?” or “I can’t live without that,” the Red Cross stores are great whether you end up snatching something up or not. Profits go to helping the local community and the shops also accept donations, so drop off some bags after you Marie Kondo your closet. Did you ever really need that empire waisted paisley top? No.

Nýbýlavegur 6, Kópavogur
Basically a flea market for style, Trendport recently turned Kópavogur into a destination for Reykjavík’s secondhand life. Each booth has a different vendor, so you’ll never know exactly what you’ll find at this cornucopia of clothing, but if oftentimes leans towards high-end brands. If you’ve been dying for some Burberry pants, this’ll be your best bet.

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